An Italian award winning automotive and fashion commercial director. Strong background in creative concept development. Expert in the use of "Digital Imaging Enhancement" technologies such as the compositing of motion controlled live action with 3D computer graphics, sfx and virtual sets techniques.

Personal Note:

I take pride in my proven ability both in the creative and technical areas. My strength is to develop emotional concepts and execute them in a memorable way utilizing the latest technology inconspicuously.

In addition to the technical and professional skills, I have had many first hand experiences that give me a unique perspective. I have traveled worldwide on assignments in North and South America, Japan, China, Australia, the Middle East, and Europe and speak two languages fluently. I have worked successfully with a wide variety of people, ranging from corporate executives in New York, Hopi holy men in Arizona, Japanese Sumo wrestlers in Tokyo,to inner-city youth in Los Angeles. I have directed high profile TV commercials for major corporations such as BMW AG, IVECO, and Euro-Disney.

I bring passion, enthusiasm, organization and innovation to every project.

To request a demo reel call (202) 337-6765

Affiliation: ADCI (Italian Art Director Club)
WHNPA (White House News Photographers Association)

Interacta (The Italian Association for the Interactive Communication)


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